Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Big Sur Pfeiffer Beach

Here's the last video in the Big Sur series shot on the Sony A7S.  This video has a lot of experimentation with slow motion shot at 210fps at 720p.  This slows the footage down to 20%, which was actually so slow that I ended up speeding some clips up to 40%.

Because the final video and normal-speed clips are at 1080p, the slow motion clips needed to be up-resed.  This left the clips looking soft or slightly blurry.  So I overlaid a video clip of 35mm film grain on to those clips.  It perhaps looks a bit jarring cutting between sharp 1080p video with 720p video with grain, but I actually like the quality of the grain a lot, as opposed to the fcpx stock grain that I added to the first video.

Had a little trouble returning an xml from resolve to fcpx and had to drag all the video clips in from the finder and re-apply the slow motion fx, which was frustrating and time consuming.  Not sure what the errors are about but I'm sure I wont get any answers because Apple is awesome.

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