Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Let's Playstation Now!

Recently I've tried to take my love of video gaming and turn it into something slightly more productive.  Slightly.  So I made a show out of it!  It's like Mystery Science Theater 3000 but for video games, focusing on Sony's Playstation Now service, which promises hundreds of games to stream at any time for a monthly fee.  With that many games available at such a low price point, there's gotta be some catch right?  I aim to find out by playing every single one of the hundreds of games offered in alphabetical order.  To keep my sanity I'm recruiting some hilarious comedy folk to laugh at my agony.  New episodes air every week.  Please check it out and like, subscribe, and share the videos, if you're so inclined.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015




Last Friday we had a surprise Triple A performance at the Greyhound and DJ Bumbaclot's final performance.  In addition, as a sendoff to a trip through Europe, we all serenaded the crowd with euro beats deep into the night.  Here's a recording of my mix, now in an extended version with two never before heard remixes.  Play loud, mix with friends, and enjoy.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sound on The Alibi

Long takes are always something that I like to see in films.  So I was pretty stoked when Enlow contacted me about a short he was directing that he wanted to try to do in one take.

It took an evening of practicing choreography with actor Roy Wood Jr. and camera op Bobby Lam to squeeze ourselves through the tight spaces in a small 2 bedroom in Los Angeles.

In addition to the boom choreography, I also had to wire Nick Rutherford who is actually standing outside the house corresponding live over the phone in order to keep the timing correct.  The clean lav audio was then used to replace the poor phone speaker audio in post.

Interesting fact, I re-recorded all the phone audio that I got from Nick's lav through a iPhone speaker in different rooms of my house to get the acoustics correct.  If you listen carefully you can actually hear the different quality iPhone audio as Roy travels from room to room.  None of the iPhone audio you hear in the finished film is from production.

The project was so much fun to do from top to bottom and I couldn't be happier with the finished product.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Big Sur Pfeiffer Beach

Here's the last video in the Big Sur series shot on the Sony A7S.  This video has a lot of experimentation with slow motion shot at 210fps at 720p.  This slows the footage down to 20%, which was actually so slow that I ended up speeding some clips up to 40%.

Because the final video and normal-speed clips are at 1080p, the slow motion clips needed to be up-resed.  This left the clips looking soft or slightly blurry.  So I overlaid a video clip of 35mm film grain on to those clips.  It perhaps looks a bit jarring cutting between sharp 1080p video with 720p video with grain, but I actually like the quality of the grain a lot, as opposed to the fcpx stock grain that I added to the first video.

Had a little trouble returning an xml from resolve to fcpx and had to drag all the video clips in from the finder and re-apply the slow motion fx, which was frustrating and time consuming.  Not sure what the errors are about but I'm sure I wont get any answers because Apple is awesome.