Friday, November 2, 2012


No, not my first kiss.  I'm talking about a short film written and directed by my very talented buddy Charles Hood.  Chuck is always great about trying to work with fellow USC alumni and close friends on projects.  This film marked the second time I was able to do location sound with Charles and his crew.  The first was another funny project called ALLISON.  Very funny project, shot in a single day (with some pickups here and there).  We had to lock down the whole street to do the running sequence at the end.  Looks great, sounds great.  A festival winner if there ever was one (and it did).  Hopefully this wont be our last collaboration, Chuck is a very prolific writer and director, completing his first feature when most of us were still looking for internships.  This was shot a year ago I think, which goes to show you how long it takes to turn around a good film, even if it's a short, and it just finished the festival rounds.  So take a break and watch it.  It will make your funny.

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