Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I'm happy to report that the second day of writing has faired much better than the first, as far as actual pages written.  After stumbling through some notes on the opening paragraph with Aaron, I charged head first into where I left off yesterday: page 2.  I'm happy to report that I've written more than twice as much as I did yesterday.  The bad news is that I have no idea how long the finished script will be.  I think a half hour show isn't looking doable so far.  Many people have suggested web series to me, so perhaps it will ultimately be a collection of minisodes.  Trying not to let that hold me up in any way.

At this point, I'm realizing that running into a wall or point of contention completely derails me and kills my motivation to continue writing.  So, thanks to the outline Aaron and I had created earlier, I'm trying to jump ahead to scenes where I still feel fresh, in order to let the scenes I'm stuck on simmer.  I'm worried this is going to wreak havoc when I try to tie it all together, but as far as keeping the vomit draft on track, it's better than giving up.

Here's a question, how many hours of writing per day is considered good?  Obviously, it's different for every person for every project.  But, I do find myself exceedingly distracted after around four hours and in need of a break.

Also, walks are great!  I took a walk yesterday after burning out, and I came up with a bunch of stuff I was interested in.  The problem was that I was like a mile away from my computer.  How do I walk and write a script at the same time?  That's the holy grail.

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