Monday, April 30, 2012


Many of you may have heard about my sci-fi series, Chaos Agent, as I've been fooling around with the world for the past 6 years.  A futurist action series still continues to keep my interest as I finally start to reign it in to get the particulars in order.  Aaron, my writing partner has been invaluable in reigning me in, helping me focus on characters, places, and events that we can wrap our pilot around.  Not long ago, Aaron and I finished a scene outline for the pilot (of still indeterminate length), but getting started on the script has been very tough for me.  So I entered into a contract with Andy, Sam, and Chris the other day in order to get some fire under my ass to write this pilot.  I have till May 10th to kick out a vomit draft of the pilot, and today's my official first day.  I spent all morning procrastinating, responding to emails, cleaning my house etc.  Then I finally moved on to creating the title card.  Some concern was expressed about getting audiences situated into the world early to keep them from getting lost.  So, I've been flirting with a title paragraph that would open each episode.

Finally, finished with the paragraph by mid day I was ready to type "FADE IN:"  Several hours later, I'm still here not finished with page one.  So I took a break to write this blog for accountability.  I'm not super stoked with this slow start, but I don't feel like time's being wasted either.  Writing is still pretty new to me and just getting started so that I can pick up where I left off tomorrow is a big step, in my opinion.  Though it's mid afternoon and I'm getting burnt, I'm going to tough it out a few more hours and call it a day.

Tomorrow I hope to hit the ground running hard!  Wish me luck for the rest of today.

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Andrew Ryz Rydzewski said...

Nice! Don't worry about the lack of progress. Just getting that ass in the seat and staring at the blank screen is a step.
If worst comes to worst, you can just type, "Character speaks and says cool things."
"Other character respond and says even cooler things."
"First character shits self."
A bad finished product still beats 8 unfinished masterpieces.