Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's a Shortie

Hooray! I finished the first draft of the script. So, that's great. The bad news is, it's short. Like, waaay short. So, I gotta get right back in there and beef it up some. But the story's there and everything. It's by no means a complex ground breaking story, although zombie westerns are thus far an overlooked genre. But, it's got all the bells and whistles there, all the parts and doo dads. Actually, I'm kind of glad that I have to go over it again, since I'm new to the next step of putting it together in a pitch package to get some moneys for it. Also, I'm scared to show it to my peers for critique (AKA getting creatively raped). But people seem genuinely interested in reading the script to see what exactly goes on in a zombie western, and I guess I'm anxious to have people give me some feedback.

There's another poster here today. Trying to keep them coming. This one was for an alternate title I'm considering "The Good, The Bad, and The Undead." I'm still on the fence about it, and leaning towards good 'ole zombie western. Starting to dial in the look of the marketing though. I like the dirty parchment background being the unifying element, with the paint spatter and aging. I wanted it to feel like it was found in some old chest in the attic or something. Of course, for this design, I essentially copied the look for the good bad and ugly poster (Sorry, Sergio). And get used to it, cus I'm definately influenced by his westerns as far as shot composition and pacing are concerned (though my movie probably wont be two and a half hours).

Oh, unrelated but interesting. I'm trying to get a job doing score for an indie action movie, so I gots to get up on my action music chops. I'm working on putting together an action medley to show the director and then I'm going to check out the rough cut some time soon, maybe next week. Apparently they got my info from scoring BIO DEAD, which was very synth 80's goodness. Not sure how my skills can be applied to a modern action movie. Should be interesting. So I may have to procrastinate a little more on the script before getting it out there for people to peruse. I'll try to have another full length draft by the end of the week.

Also, buttered toast always works. Always.

Also, hey, has anybody tried toasting a hot dog bun and putting peanut butter and jelly in there and a banana instead of the hotdog?

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