Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Chill Mix

I'm only allowed 2 hours of free space on sound cloud and I'm not giving them my money just yet.  So I had to brush aside some old songs including the ones on this setlist.  If you're interested in hearing them, message me or comment and I'll get them to you straightaway.

Hey listeners!
It's been nice and cool and overcast down in LA the past couple of weeks and I don't know about you, but I've just been in the mood for some chill electro.  Nothing like seeing the lights reflected in the wet concrete, driving home at night, the raindrops on your windshield like a giant lite-bright.  So I've been picking through a lot of Johnny Jewel's mixes and cuts from the Vallerie collective.  When I find something I can't do without, I have to take it into protools to cut out and EQ the one song from the hour-long mix.  After that, during a sleepless night, I decided to power on the tables for a bit to see what comes out.  The result is this mix, live and uncensored.  This is the first mix I was able to "cut" into pieces while recording live through Tracktor, enabling me to upload individual tracks into a seamless mix via Soundcloud setlists.

Unfortunately, soundcloud was being a butthole and would freeze when the upload was 90% complete.  I've been trying to upload for days, and finally I got it working.  Lame soundcloud.  Anyway, the great thing about soundcloud is that I can share this mix with you.  Enjoy, and please share/like/comment/download!

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