Saturday, August 4, 2012

Echo lake: Part $@&*#%?

So you may have noticed that I posted one plucky hopeful blog at the start of production of Echo Lake and silence. Part of that is the fact that much if the time we are quite literally shooting in the middle of nowhere, 30 or more miles out from civilization and phone signal. We've been lost, stranded, beaten, bitten, starved, and broke down and we're on day 4. Intense to say the least, and rewarding for sure. It's rare that a city dweller like myself has the chance to push himself to the limit and beyond. At times the world conspires against us with flat tires, forest fires, faulty wires, and it's inspiring to see people band together to support one another. It's hard to believe we're only half way, and a part of me is truly not sure if I can make it to the finish line but the support of hard working cast and crew will hopefully see me through and return me home safely. Check out my instagram feed @bombstockton to see many pictures from the adventure. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Though at times I would trade the world for a nap in my own bed.

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