Wednesday, May 9, 2012


So, here I am at the last day of the champion contract with a "finished" script in hand.  My feelings: mixed.

On the negative side, I hate it.  The only thing more boring and unremarkable than the plot is the dialogue therein.  I understand I'm being hard on myself, but I also know my standards for what I will and wont watch.  There's something there though, I just don't think I have anything shootable yet, which wasn't necessarily the goal.

On the positive side, I've finally got it down on paper somewhere.  Seeing as how this was a story concept I began coming up with in 2005, having a pilot down in any form is a great success.  I talked with Andy a bit about it the other day as he was sharpening his beard, and he reminded me that having one junk script done is better than a thousand good ideas floating around in my brain or on scraps of paper.  At least the pieces have been made so they can now be shuffled around and refined.

Aaron continues to be a great help as a writing partner, giving me space to create, but helping me push through the roadblocks.  Once I freshen up a last scene or two, I will be sending the draft over to him for demolition.

In summation, I think that this Champion's contract was a success in getting a vomit draft out there as a first step.  I'm interested in taking things a step further for my next contract, which may involve an old script getting dusted off and a new draft thereof.

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