Thursday, September 8, 2011

Props Means Photoshop

This is part II of my epic Astronauts blog saga.  Today we'll focus on the photoshop side of the job.  Most of the props used in the film needed fake labels and such to keep it copyright free.  Aside from shopping for the right props themselves, the photoshopping was probably the most creative part of the job.  So here's a sampling of some of the stuff I was commissioned to make:

A DVD cover of a Movie within the Movie (AKA Inception)

A label for a box of (suicide) bullets

A gadget magazine cover

A family photo, the girl on the left is photoshopped in

One of 20 different cocktail napkins with unique quotes

An exclusive "aged" draft of the poster that was rejected by the director

Old Movie Tickets

A label for a hero bottle of Vodka
The final poster that is in Arquette's apartment

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