Saturday, March 17, 2012


Hey gang!

It's been a whirlwind month of working production sound on The Sound and The Shadow, and I've finally got some down time to add some much needed posts to this bloggie.  I'm happy to report that Squaresville, the web series my buddy Matt Enlow has been putting together with our friends for a year now, is finally live on the webnet.  We were actually working on it up till the last minute before the premiere on tuesday evening.  I was doing sound and last minute color timing on my days and hours off from the feature, in addition to troubleshooting exports for The Stranger's Kiss.  Everybody in the cast and crew are super proud of this project, in part because Matt was so open to input from the scriptwriting phase all the way though post, and as a result, I believe that he was able to create something entertaining to the masses, with heart and a polish rarely seen on web series of this sized budget.  We'll be releasing new episodes a few times a month so check back often for new adventures.  And please help spread the word if you think someone else will like (or hate) it.  That's how these sorts of shows gain ground.  More new stuff for you to oggle soon...

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