Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another Week, Another Mashup

Human Motivation -- Mailbag Airfunction EP by kevinrosenquan

Having a lot of fun with Traktor pro 2 at this point.  This song is the first attempt at fooling around with the beat masher functions on the controller.  The nice thing about Traktor is that it comes with a bunch of filters built in that you can fool around with to help difficult transitions or to punch up songs.

I've run into the first potential problem with the controller though...One of the buttons is starting to stick.  You'll actually notice a few times near the end of the song that the beatmasher timing drops off too late in some parts because the button didn't disengage when I first pressed it.  Fortunately, I bought it from sweetwater.  They throw in a year warranty on parts.  So I can always mail it back when things start getting busted.  Its a shame that the controller is a little chincy in that regard though.

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