Monday, April 14, 2008

MK is Still Coming Along

OK OK I know you haven't seen anything about Mortal Kombat in a while. But I swear I'm still working on it. I've finished up some of the menu animations and even some music. The character select screen is finished and animated

as is the versus screen.

I've also finished animating the second half of the title screen.

So I guess the actual fight is the biggest thing on the horizon that I need to finish.

Then a few more menu screens and sound. There's still a LOT more to do, and because I also need to think about getting paid sometimes in addition to working on other projects, things are moving slow, but steady. Speaking of other projects, I also finished making a quick logo for Engaged's Quick Tips,

which are supplementary clips for the wedding show, that I co-produced and did sound on. Lots of cross pollination, different hats, collaboration. It's all good. It just doesn't pay the bills. But hey, you can't let bills rule your life, right? Stay tuned for more great stuff, as I continue to figure out what the hell it is I'm supposed to do with me life.

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