Friday, March 21, 2008

Everyone Likes a Quickie

Wow. Thanks everybody for the positive responses on our new series of ranch quickies. I can't help but lament over the waning attention spans of our fair public, but hey, you gotta go with the flow, sink or swim. Ever since Miller and I bought that HDD handy-cam (with hybrid night shot), our lives have significantly changed, for the better i hope. It really revolutionizes the way we record our lives to video. It used to just be special occasions and holidays, but now, you never know when a camcorder is going to be stuck in your face capturing one of your "better moments." As an unfortunate side effect, we end up getting hours and hours of endless gigs of video to sift through. And most of it is boring beyond belief. But, every once in a while, there a little nugget of gold buried in there. And so the ranch quickie was born. Keep you eyes peeled for more, as they are relatively easy to produce (once you find the right 10 seconds), and of course there's more clever ranch commercials on the horizon...Splendid.

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